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We are committed to create a frictionless payment experience for urban mobility organisations and enable systems that make sustainable travel easy.

About Us.

The UN has stated that 2007 was the first time more people lived in urban areas than in rural places and the trend in urbanization is forecast to continue. By 2050 it is believed that more than two-thirds of the world will live in cities (“ourworldindata”) and the change in how we live has led to a boom in convenient mobility solutions from on demand taxis to e-scooters. However, with rising global temperatures becoming a worldwide concern there is also a need to make urban transportation sustainable – and mass transit options such as busses, trams, metros, and trains provide the best solution. The problem is that mass transportation has not been able to match the convenient consumer experiences provided by the Uber’s of the world and have been bogged down by local solutions, paper tickets and redundant plastic cards.

Vayapay was established as a new initiative from Ximedes to make sustainable mass transit simple and convenient. This comes as a natural step for Ximedes who has been a leader in developing software solutions within financial services and transportation since 1998. Ximedes has worked with financial clients such as Rabobank, ING, and Fiserv to build their core payments infrastructure. In addition to working with leading financial institutions Ximedes has applied their knowledge to transportation with solutions for mobile ticketing, validator software, and closed loop payments working with public transport operators like Amsterdam GVB. With over 100 developers in Haarlem, Hamburg, and Novi Sad the Ximedes team has built a reputation of bringing dependable solutions to market. Vayapay is the outcome of over 20 years of experience and passion for building a better world through innovative technologies. With us on the charge for a more sustainable future is our well regarded investment team, Cape Investment Partners, who specialize in working with entrepreneurs to create long term value.

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