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Mass Transit

Smart Payment Platform for urban mobility

Evolutionary Acceptance Model

Known Fare Transactions
Known Fare Transaction acceptance model is the preferred go-to-market model for contactless EMV ticketing. With KFT, each contactless journey has a fixed fare and does nto require integration with transportation operators back office or ticketing logic, our market proven ready to use set up provides a fast and secure introduction to cEMV ticketing with KFT.
PAYG - Pay As You Go
With PAYG, all bank card taps are registered and sent to the ticketing logic for evaluation and price calculation. This allows for comprehensive pricing models based on time, zones, distance, and more. With fare capping and regular passenger discounts, customers can be certain they always get the best price. Vayapay’s tokenization API makes back office integration a breeze without exposing you to any P C I D S S requirements.
Account Based Ticketing
Vayapay’s omni channel payment platform provides a customer centric ticketing experience referred to as Account Based Ticketing (ABT). ABT shifts the focus from the transaction to the individual by allowing passengers to always have their journeys linked to their account regardless of the sales channel or payment method used to buy their ticket. Passengers can easily manage their transportation expenses, view their travel history, and receive personalized offers and promotions.
User Centric Profile
Vayapay's User Centric Profile combines all of the above with added functionality and granularity. To hear more about this secret sauce get in touch with us.

Meet Vayapay Smart Payment Platform

The Vayapay smart payment platforms enables transit operators to get up and running with contactless ticketing. Utilizing a recommended set of hardware.

Payment Platform

At its core, the Vayapay Smart Payment Platform offers a turnkey solution that allows transport operators a fast and efficient way to provide contactless EMV ticketing. Starting with the Known Fare Transaction model, Vayapay helps you to grow to the Pay-as-you-Go and Account-based ticketing model whenever you are ready.

Payment Platform
Sales Channels
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