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Image  Ticketless Ticketing

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Passengers no longer need to buy a ticket or understand fares.

No need to buy a ticket

Passengers no longer need to buy a ticket or understand fares; Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) allows travelers to  simply use a secure token (typically contactless bank card, mobile phone or smartcard) and tap to travel. The fee of the fare is calculated based on location and amount of taps, and the cost is charged post the journey. Travelers benefit from automatic calculations of the best fare policies.

Reduced costs

Account Based Ticketing reduces costs through a reduction in proprietary tickets, cash handling and physical infrastructure costs.

Account-Based Ticketing Capabilities

Vayapay´s  Fare Payments platform delivers Account-Based Ticketing quickly and cost-effectively,using a platform which is constantly adding new features and capabilities. Vayapay enables both stored value and EMV-based Account-Based Ticketing.

Mobility as a service

Tokens need to be widely available to passengers across the transit network. The following account based tokens are available:

Contactless EMV

Contactless bank cards, or Contactless EMV (cEMV), is a secure open-loop token which has been proven to work well to enable Account Based Ticketing. There are no barriers to enabling the token to work for the first time of use and it removes the need to issue proprietary tickets.


Currently the best way to enable a mobile phone to work as a token is via a barcode linked to a stored value account, as barcodes work across all smartphones.



Smartcards have the benefit of being able to be used by people who may not have a smartphone or contactless bank card. They also work well for enabling concessions and entitlements.

SDK Integration

The Justride SDK integrates stored value tokens into 3rd party applications and enables them to offer a secure account based token to passengers.


Mobile cEMV

Enables users to use their phone as a token and travel across the transport network in a similar way to a contactless bank card but without the plastic, using services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Paper Barcode

Paper barcode tickets are a great solution for enabling the those whishing to travel with physical proof, however are limited to single rides.